DIY: How To Customize a Jewelry Dish/D├ęcor Plate with Marker

Wild and Free Antlers design: Wild And Free Antlers

Materials needed (aside from file and cutting machine):

  • Ceramic dessert plate (you can find these at the dollar store)
  • Permanent colored markers
  • Vinyl
  • Tweezers
  • Oven for curing ink
  • Scissors
  • Transfer tape


1. Wash your plate with soap and water and make sure to remove any paper stickers or tags.

2. Upload the file and resize to your liking (note that the Cameo takes DXF files, not SVG). Send to the machine and ensure that you have the correct settings: vinyl, cut, blade, force, speed, etc.

3. Unload your cut design from the machine and cut off excess vinyl. You must use transfer tape to bring the vinyl up from its backing and on to the plate. If you are unsure on how to use transfer tape, take a look at our Transfer Tape Tutorial here. Stick the transfer tape and vinyl down firmly on the plate, and carefully peel away the transfer tape, leaving the vinyl on the surface. You will see that I have already transferred colored in the text of the design, but you can also transfer the entire design at once; the process is the same.

4. Now we will begin peeling the pieces off and coloring them with the sharpies as needed. As you can see below, I have first peeled off the antlers, and I will them in with brown. You can pick the next shape to peel off, but I chose the leaves, then the flowers, and so on.

5. Continue this peel-and-color process until your design is finished.

6. Begin removing and peeling away the excess vinyl to reveal your beautiful, colored design.

7. Now cure the permanent marker's ink onto the plate by baking it in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Put the plate in the oven as it is preheating and cooling down to avoid any cracking. Please note that curing the ink does change the colors slightly, so if you are only going to use the plate for decorative purposes, then it is perfectly fine to let the marker-ink dry and leave the plate as-is. However, it is strongly recommended that you cure your project in the oven to make the design durable against friction or water and prevent ink transfers to your skin or jewelry. You can see below how the colors changed after curing, but it is still beautiful and ready for use!

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