DIY: How To Etch a Frosty-Effect on a Mirror

Materials (other than machine and appropriate software):

  • Mirror (found mine at Dollar Tree)
  • Stencil Vinyl
  • Armor Etch Cream
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Transfer Tape

Try the design used in this project: Happy Girls


1. Resize your image on your software to fit your mirror. I proportionally resized my image to be about 4 inches in vertical length. Send to your machine to cut out the design on the stencil vinyl.

2. Using your tweezers, begin peeling away the letters part of the design from the backing. Ensure that the small inner spaces of the letters stay down on the backing.

3. With your scissors, cut out a piece of transfer tape that fits the size of your stencil. Lay it down on your vinyl and squeegee any air bubbles out to ensure that even the small inner pieces of the letters stick to the transfer tape.

4. Peel up the vinyl and transfer tape from the backing, making sure all of the design is transferring correctly.

5. Align your design and firmly press the vinyl down on the mirror, Squeegee again to ensure the vinyl will stick when removing transfer tape.

6. Peel away the transfer tape to leave behind the vinyl stencil. Now you are ready to begin the etch process.

7. This next step will need to be completed by a sink. Begin running some warm water and lay your Armor Etch cream on the stencil with a paintbrush. Ensure that you keep the cream only on the designated area. After applying, immediately rinse your brush.

8. Allow the etch cream to sit for 60 seconds, and then run the mirror under warm water to wash away the cream.

9. Peel away the stencil and admire your pretty self in your super cute mirror!

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