Introduction into the world of Cut Files!

So you may be wondering, what in the name are SVG files?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic, meaning that numbers and coordinates create paths to represent the image you see. It is a weird concept, but to simplify it even further, this means that you can resize your image as small or large as you want, and it will never get pixelated. The fact that the image is made up of paths rather than pixels makes it possible for your cutting machine to replicate the design, hence the name "cut file."

One thing to note is that some types of files work better than others,depending on the machine and software you are using. This is why offers you all the possible formats that you may need with every design purchase! Before downloading, you will see that you can pick any of the following formats: AI, DXF, EPS, JPG, PNG, PSD, SVG.

That is a lot of choices to decide from, so which one is best for you? Before we get into that, let us briefly go over the basic supplies that you will need for starting your cut-craft journey! Starting with the most obvious necessity, you will need a computerized cutting machine and its appropriate software. Visit our FAQ page to see what software goes with your specific machine and even what machines we recommend. In addition, you will need the material you are planning on transferring the design to, such as paper or vinyl, and the design(s) you have chosen! If this is your first time shopping with us, don't forget to take a look at our free designs .

The SVG format is almost universally accepted in all cutting machine software except Artistic SimpleCut versions that are older than version 7.1 and Silhouette Studio Basic. In the case that your software does not accept SVG, then you can choose a different format that is compatible, most likely DXF. Software from Cricut, Brother, Pro Silhouette versions, and many others work with the SVG format perfectly fine.

Most systems have an "upload" or "open" button that will easily bring in your downloaded cut file, but if you are unsure how to open your design in your software, feel free to contact us or your machine's customer support!

Now that you have a basic idea of what cut files are and what systems they are compatible with, it's time to start cutting and crafting!

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