SVG Design Project Inspiration for your Cutting Machine

  • Stickers and Vinyl decals:
    • You can create stickers by printing our your design on the appropriate sticker material and then using your machine to cut it out
    • Cut designs directly on your vinyl to create decals for your wall, car, and other surfaces.

Image result for cricut stickers Image result for cricut decal

  • Etched Glass
    • Using vinyl as a stencil for your design
    • Create a beautiful frosted look on wine glasses, mirrors, windows, and there are even etching creams that work on metal surfaces as well

etched glass project etched glass project

View our Etched Wine Glass Tutorial and our Etched Mirror Tutorial for free instructions!

  • Personalized kitchenware
    • Again, these projects include using vinyl as a stencil for your design
    • You can use something as simple as Sharpie, and cure it on ceramic items
    • Other ink pens can be cured on glass and metal, which allow for more use of your design stencil. We use these Multi Surface Paint Pens for our projects.

Kitchenware Project Type Kitchenware Project Type

View our Decor Plate Dish Tutorial and our Baked Ceramic Coffee Mug Tutorial for further details and instructions!

  • Handmade Cards
    • Cut designs on any colored paper or cardstock to create cards for any occasion
    • Layer the paper to create a 3D effect and make the card personal
    • Don't need to spend $9.99 on a Hallmark card J

Image result for cricut cards Image result for cricut cards

  • Sketched Artwork
    • Many machines have more capability than just cutting! Replace the blade with the appropriate writing utensil and mimic the handwritten look.
    • Turn any image or design into a "hand-drawn" piece of artwork
    • Have your machine write your invitations and notes in any font you'd like

Main image Image result for writing with cricut

  • 3-Dimensional Paper Crafts
    • Replicate any object with paper like flowers, figurines, or animals
    • Create beautiful shadow boxes or decorations

Image result for cricut paper flowers Image result for cricut shadow box Image result for cricut 3d projects

  • Sewing or Fabric Crafts
    • Depending on your machine's capability, you can cut fabrics and use them in your projects
    • Make quilts, stuffed animals, and use other put-together sewing patterns

Image result for cricut stuffed animal pattern Image result for fabric sewing pattern cricut

  • Personalized Clothing
    • After cutting, place designs on t-shirts and other clothing with specific iron-on material
    • Using proper fabric ink transfer pens in your machine, infuse designs into your fabrics

Image result for cricut ink transfer Image result for cricut ink transfer

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